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  • S. Bailey O'Donnell

Silkroad Creativity Lab - Fall 2022 Semester

A scene from one of the first meetings of the "Silkroad Creativity Lab at Boston Conservatory". I will be a teaching assistant throughout the Fall Semester (Jan. 2022 - Apr. 2022)! Course description:

M-ST 70910 - Silkroad Creativity Lab

Led by beloved Guruji Sandeep Das, this course explores the foundations of traditional North Indian music and dance as both an artistic practice and a cultural system. Through regular group instruction on Tabla (instruments provided, no experience required), guided listening, and guest lectures, participants will gain a thorough understanding of Indian rhythmic and musical concepts that can be applied to deepen their creative work in any musical genre. The course culminates in a performance project where students will incorporate what they have learned with their own inherited tradition(s).

And here is an excerpt of the syllabus, where I have a shoutout :)

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